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    One-stop Amazon Products Buying Service

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    Reasonable Commission, 5%

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    FBA shipping Support

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    Best Sourcing Agent

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    OEM/Branding Support

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    One-stop Buying Service

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    Reasonable Commission

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    Quality Guaranteed

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We are Minden Intl
Your Trustworthy Buying Office in China

Minden Intl. has come up with an innovative and groundbreaking solution to boost your business. With over 5 years experience, we are experts in the buying solutions niche. Minden Intl. has now ventured into providing a dedicated service to worldwide buyers.

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Minden Intl. help customer sourcing products from wholesale market or factories directly. Get started your own sourcing by a simple click below now!

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Minden Intl. help customer sourcing products from wholesale market or factories directly. Get started your own sourcing by a simple click below now!

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We aim to use our experience in establishing a new business model that not only meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations but also delights them in the process. From sourcing products to vendor compliance and quality controls and logistics, we offer a one-stop solution to meet your buying requirements.

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  • As an Amazon seller, we always have absolutely strict requirements upon all the items, the design, the quality, the production, packing and labeling and everything like that, but they never turned to be a problem for Minden Intl. Corp. They always did meticulous work and paid attention to detail to fulfill our needs, match Amazon requirements, and help us increase the sales volume in the end. All in all, we are way too grateful to meet and work with Minden Intl.. Thanks again!
  • We’ve had a great experience with Minden Intl., and were deeply impressed by their professional capacity, efficiency, and terrific work. All the items ordered were finished on time, and were quickly and safely delivered to our fulfillment center.
  • Our long-term relationship with Minden Intl. is due in part to their high degree of professionalism, and their knowledge of Amazon. They offer superior products and services and have been instrumental in providing us with a level of confidence that other agents only promise.
  • We are able to purchase small-quantities of different products, which is great because we are able to try out different products without committing to thousands of units all at once.The communication with you guys is really good, and that is very important.The prices are competitive.
  • Mike has been with us every step of the way. From sourcing quality products, to developing and designing new products, to finding quality manufacturers at a competitive cost; to inspecting products before shipping them via air and sea while helping us navigate thru Chinese and American customs. We have a fantastic working relationship with their staffs. Thank you Minden Intl. and thank you Mike!
  • Hi Mike, I just wanted to pass my gratitude for the assistance and work you and your team have provided over the past months. You will appreciate that conducting international business often makes companies very cautious and untrustworthy of whom they are dealing with. I look forward to a continuing, long and mutually beneficial association with you and Minden International.
  • From the first contact and throughout our association you have proven to be a most reliable, trustworthy and genuine business man. I want to thank you for the fact that have I never been disappointed with any of the samples, costings or service you and your company have provided. Please be assured, that if you have any new clients that require some confidence, I will be most pleased to reinforce your reputation.