From the Founder

I founded Minden Intl to support medium-small enterprises and individuals. I have worked in the trade industry for 6 years but wanted to create a company focussed on service, excellence, collaboration and something more than bottom line profits.

I established my company with the likeminded friends who collectively equal years of experience and networks. Together, we have developed our One Stop Export Solution Service from China for foreign buyers. In particular, our recent focus has been on individuals who have quit their 9-5 jobs to pursue e-commerce opportunities created by online platforms such as Shopify and

Inspired by the spirit and enthusiasm of this new way of trade we wanted to create a complete buying and support service directly in China. We understand what our customers need in terms of  price, control the quality, product prep and shipping to FBA.

Simply speaking, Minden Intl wants to develop a trustworthy, long term business relationships and a memorable life friendship with our clients.

I look forward to working with you. Mike Guo.

Our Team Mike Guo Founder Minden Product Sourcing Agent China
Our Team Best China Products Sourcing China Our Team Jimmy Xu



Welcome to Minden Intl. My name is Jimmy, an experienced buyer and long time parnter of Mike Guo. I’ve been hoping to help people realize their e-commerce goals ever since studying at university when online platforms like TMALL, EBAY and AMAZON were just coming in vogue. I was fortunate enough to get involved with e-commerce in the early days and became an online shop seller myself. I very quickly began to experience the first real successes in my life from this business.  After graduation, I again devoted myself to online businesses. I’ve helped many sellers find their way selling online with products in different industries. And I have witnessed remarkeable business growth from 2k start-up to current millions of turnover. Let me walk you through the process of buying from China help you build  confidence in dealing with product sourcing or Chinese suppliers. Working with us, you can relieve yourself from the runaround of endless emails and phone calls and let us take care of all the hard work.

In my daily life, I’m also an adventurous man, loving doing whatever I dream of. If you are the same as me and on your way of chasing your dreams, come on and join me right now. I will be here in China back you up.


Our Team Leaders

Our team is growing with our business and with our customers. We have a dedicated Senior Management Team who take a hands on role in any product sourcing request. Our goals are to provide the best possible service and exceed all possible expections. We aim to grow your business along with ours by delivering the best possible wholesale products to you at the best prices with the least fuss. Our team genuinely enjoys working with our international clientele and look foward to collaborating with you.

Mike Guo, Minden Intl Founder


What makes us the best choice for you

  • Responsive

  • Easy to contact

  • From all over China

  • Understand your needs

  • Small or large orders

  • Alibaba Savvy

  • Experienced 1688 Users

  • One stop services

  • Packaging Expertise

  • Online Retail focus

  • Small Business Friendly

  • Happy to work with individual sellers

  • Amazon Seller Experts

  • Experienced Professionals

  • English Language Skills

  • Client Focussed

  • Established Networks

"Thank you again for your help with everything from out trip to China and putting our dream into action. Customer service has been excellent !"


"You made this so much easier than I imagined it was going to be. See you again, hopefully very soon."


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We can find a solution to all of your needs and can adjust to your business and your vision.